• Bugfix
  • (Beta) Integration with - View the available achievements for your games and track your progress
  • Support for using a different image for the selected item on the Arcade system select screen
  • Support for matching developer/publisher names when searching
  • Options to access Search, Favorites and Recently Played from the Arcade tools menu
  • Bugfixes and behind-the-scenes improvements
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the app to crash during startup under certain conditions
  • Other bugfixes and minor adjustments
  • You can now add a separate per-system background image that will be used on the Arcade game selection screen: background_arcade_game_select.png
  • background_search.png will now be used on the search screen
  • Audio from background videos will now play (can be muted in settings)
  • Added option to stretch background videos to fill the screen
  • The Android apps system now has its own custom media directory, separate from the Android games system
  • Bugfixes
  • Added a second Android system so you can separate apps and games, with an option to hide apps from Recently played
  • Possible fix for the screen edge graphics glitch on some devices. Shouldn't cause any issues, but if it does you can disable it in Global UI settings
  • Improved touch support: Long press to open menus, swipe to change media in the fullscreen media viewer, pressing back in Modern opens the sidebar, and some other minor things. There's still a glitch when using touch to scroll in Modern and Classic so a gamepad is still highly recommended, but it should be a bit easier to use the app without one now
  • More options for the position of the system list in Arcade
  • Search button in Arcade
  • Experimental support for background videos on the Arcade system selection screen
  • Option to hide the Tools button in game details
  • Option to use default (1:1) aspect ratio for games in collections
  • Show ESRB and favorite badges in Modern and game details
  • Support for "new" platforms: Sega Naomi, Sega Naomi 2, Sammy Atomiswave, Nintendo Pokemon Mini
  • Ignore : and / in the genre name when looking for custom genre artwork
  • Updated MAME filename list
  • Updated OpenVGDB database
  • Bugfixes and other behind-the-scenes stuff